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Wall Hung Vanity Unit or Floorstanding Vanity Unit: Which type of Vanity Basin Unit is best for me?

Wall Hung Vanity Unit or Floorstanding Vanity Unit: Which type of Vanity Basin Unit is best for me?

When planning the design of your bathroom project, some things are relatively straight forward to decide upon.  On the other hand, there are many areas of discussion where people within the household have different opinions and preferences on. Amongst the many dialogues that take place when designing your new bathroom, one area that is often discussed is the type of vanity basin unit you should install.  Gone are the days where pedestal basins were the only choice, we now have a wide range of options open to us and primarily these options fall within two main categories: a floorstanding vanity basin unit or a wall hung vanity basin unit. 

Both of these vanity basin unit types have their respective advantages.  We will take a close look of the benefits each option provides but firstly, what is a floorstanding vanity unit and how does it differ to a wall hung vanity basin unit?

Floorstanding Vanity Units

Often also referred to as a freestanding basin unit, floorstanding and freestanding vanity basin units sit directly onto the floor.  They bring that sense of stability to any bathroom, being rooted to the ground and creating with this, a sense of permanence.

Benefits of Floorstanding Vanity Basin Units

Easy to install

In fact, the majority of floorstanding vanity basin units come pre-assembled saving you time and hassle.

Timeless appeal

Luxury floorstanding vanity units are available in both traditional and contemporary designs enabling opulent design solutions.


Undoubtedly, this is a key factor.  Floorstanding vanity units offer great storage, meaning you can hide away your belongings and bathroom accessories and retain that minimalist look to your bathroom.  Storage space is dependent on the size of your floorstanding vanity.  The sizes of this type of vanity basin unit range from cloakroom sizes starting from 400mm up to 1200mm double basin freestanding units.  600mm Floorstanding Vanity Units are arguably the most popular size particularly for moderate sized bathrooms but 800mm options provide that additional space and are a good idea where space allows.

The type of storage space can also differ dependent on whether you opt for a two drawer floorstanding unit or a two door flooorstanding unit.

No more unsightly plumbing!

The fact freestanding vanity units are rooted to the ground and fit flush to the wall, means no pipes are visible, ensuring all plumbing work is hidden away creating a neater space.

Less cleaning

As mentioned, floorstanding vanity units as the name suggests, are floor bound.  This means the space underneath the unit is not visible.  As such, this results is spending less time cleaning and spending more time enjoying your new luxury bathroom!

Before you make your mind up on what’s best for you, let’s look at the other option, namely, the wall hung vanity basin unit.  What is it exactly and how does it differ from the floorstanding option?


Wall Hung Vanity Basin Units

As the name suggests, as opposed to being rooted to the ground like floorstanding basin units, wall hung vanity basin units are attached directly onto the wall.  This means that the space underneath is visible.

Benefits of Wall Hung Vanity Basin Units

Trending with interior designers

wall hung vanity basin units are a recent development in the bathroom industry and they have certainly taken the industry by storm.  These are hugely popular and have a luxury appeal to them, enabling you to make a serious style statement in your home.  Sleek and on trend with the minimalist look, they are available in a range of options


Let’s face it, there are times when you need to get closer to the mirror which is generally above the vanity basin unit. Because of the space beneath the wall hung vanity unit option, you have space for your feet enabling you to get closer to the mirror without losing stability.


Just like freestanding vanity basin units, the wall hung counterpart also offers a good storage solution.  Wall hung vanity basin units generally come either as a one drawer unit or as a two drawer unit.  They are available in a wide range of sizes, anywhere between 400mm, (useful for en-suite or cloakrooms), anywhere up to 1200mm double vanity basin unit options.

So, which type of Vanity Basin Unit is best for me?

In essence, only you can answer this question! Both are great options and ultimately your vision of that “dream bathroom” contributes to the final decision.  Floorstanding vanity basin units work great for some and equally, wall hung vanity basin units transform the bathroom of others. Before making your final decision, be sure to check out our range of luxury vanity basin units. If you have decided on a floorstanding vanity basin unit, check out our exclusive range.  Alternatively, if you have opted for the wall hung vanity basin unit, we have a wide range available in various colours, sizes and designs.

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