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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Welcome to our exquisite Luxury Vinyl Flooring collection here at Luxury Bathrooms And Tiles! Experience the epitome of elegance and durability with our premium SPC flooring, a beloved choice renowned for its popularity and exceptional built-in underlay. Choose from our captivating array featuring the timeless sophistication of Herringbone Luxury Vinyl Flooring, adding a touch of classic charm to any space, or opt for the sleek and versatile plank-style LVT flooring, perfect for creating a modern aesthetic.

Elevate your home with these resilient and stylish flooring options, crafted to redefine luxury and elevate your interior design.  Our premium LVT flooring options are easy to install and use a click installation system.  Click Flooring fits together effortlessly with interlocking tongue and groove tiles or planks in authentic wood and stone textures.