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All MultiPanels

Our Bathroom Wall Panels, commonly also referred to as "bathroom cladding" and "shower panels," are designed and manufactured by MultiPanel, an award winning brand who pride themselves on innovation and quality.   As an alternative to tiles, the bathroom panels that we stock offer a wide range of benefits.  Not only are they easy to install and easy to clean, critically, they are also completely waterproof.  The "hydrolock" tongue and groove installation made possible by MultiPanel ensures there is a watertight, seamless connection between the panels.  In addition, because they are grout free, there is no risk of grout discolouration or the forming of mould.  This makes them the perfect fit for areas of your home such as the bathroom due to the coming into frequent contact with water.  As such, they are increasingly being used as shower panels and with the range of stylish designs available, they can really complement your shower enclosure and make it a standout feature of your bathroom.  An added bonus and something else you may not have been aware of...........they can be installed over old tiles! This will save you significant time and effort.  In line with other products we sell here at Luxury Bathrooms And Tiles, we are able to offer the best prices online.

Therefore, our kitchen tiles have been carefully selected to ensure that in addition to being highly stylish and contemporary, they are equally versatile, durable and practical.  We have a range of stylish luxury splashbacks that are on trend but still easy to clean and maintain.  Our kitchen floor tiles cater for a wide range of design styles so whether you are looking to spice your kitchen floor up with a patterned tile, add an air of opulence with a marble tile or have a matt stone tile that complements your worktop, our selection of kitchen tiles have something for everyone.  Best of all? You don't have to break the bank as we offer prices significantly cheaper than retail stores.