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HARMONY BEIGE Large Marble Tile - 79x79cm

SKU 001009

Constructed from durable porcelain, the Harmony Beige tile is a pinnacle of luxury in the realm of polished marble tiles. Exuding elegance and sophistication, this large format 79x79cm tile boasts a stunning, minimal veining design that epitomizes refined beauty. Its generous size isn't just about sheer dimensions; it brings a multitude of benefits to your space.

Large tiles enable fewer grout lines, creating a seamless, expansive appearance that elevates the overall aesthetics of any room.  Large floor and wall tiles also offer a uniform look, allowing for a cohesive and uninterrupted design scheme.

Feel free to request a sample to see how this tile will transform your living space. 


Material: Porcelain

Thickness: 9mm

Finish: Polished

Suitability: Walls and Floors; Bathroom Tiles; Kitchen Tiles

Sizes: 79x79cm

Box coverage: Each box contains 2 tiles.  2 of these 79x79cm tiles will cover 1.25sqm.  Please place your order in sqm taking into account we only supply full boxes.

Anti Slip Rating: R9

PE1 Rating: 4

Rectified: Yes