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ERUPTION Large 60x120 Luxury Tile


Introducing the breathtaking Eruption Luxury Floor and Wall Tile, a mesmerizing fusion of smoky tones - grey, black, and hints of brown, swirling in a captivating dance of elegance. Crafted to evoke sophistication, this premium tile embodies a contemporary allure that elevates any space. Its dramatic palette and distinctive patterning create an exquisite visual impact, amplified by its generous 60x120 size, offering grandeur and style in one bold statement. 

Large tiles transform spaces with their expansive appearance, creating a seamless and sophisticated look while minimizing grout lines for a cleaner, more expansive feel. They offer faster installation due to covering more area per tile and enhancing visual continuity. Additionally, larger tiles can make smaller spaces appear more spacious and streamline maintenance by reducing the number of seams, providing a modern and sleek finish to any room.

Feel free to request a sample to see how this tile will transform your living space. 


Material: Porcelain

Thickness: 9mm

Finish: Polished

Suitability: Walls and Floors; Bathroom Tiles; Kitchen Tiles

Sizes: 60x120cm

Box coverage: Each box contains 2 tiles.  2 of these 60x120cm tiles will cover 1.44sqm.  Please place your order in sqm taking into account we only supply full boxes.

Anti Slip Rating: R9

PE1 Rating: 4

Rectified: Yes