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FLAKES GREY Terrazzo Polished Tiles - 30x60/60x60 and 60x120cm Options

SKU 001035

Crafted with precision, our Flakes Beige Terrazzo Tiles boast a seamless blend of earthy tones and subtle speckles, adding a touch of refinement to any space. Their polished finish creates a luminous surface, elevating the classic terrazzo style with a modern, light-reflective allure.

What sets these tiles apart is their departure from the conventional matte finish of traditional terrazzo tiles. Our polished variation infuses spaces with a sleek and refined aesthetic, effortlessly merging classic design with a contemporary edge.

Embrace the versatility of these tiles in various settings, from chic urban apartments to sophisticated commercial spaces.


Material: Porcelain

Thickness: 9mm

Finish: Polished

Suitability: Walls and Floors

Sizes: 30x60cm; 60x60cm and 60x120cm

Box Coverage: Box Coverage: 30x60 (8 tiles/1.44sqm); 60x60 (4 tiles/1.44sqm); 60x120 (2 tiles/1.44sqm).

Anti Slip Rating: R9

PE1 Rating: 4