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Luxury Stainless Steel Designer Horizontal Radiator - Multiple Sizes Available

SKU 108561

Stainless steel horizontal radiators are undoubtedly the "in thing" trending with interior designers and given their classy look, it looks like these stylish horizontal radiators are here to stay for the long term.

Manufactured by Kartell UK from stainless steel, these designer radiators boast a generous heat output and come with a ten year manufacturer guarantee. In line with other products on our site, this is a premium product available at a highly competitive price.

These 600mm (height) modern and contemporary radiators are available in a wide range of sizes so you can place them within different areas of your home.  They are available as both single and double panel radiators in the following sizes:

Single Panel: 

600mm x 400mm Single Panel;    Heat Output: 1271 BTU

600mm x 570mm Single Panel;    Heat Output: 1902 BTU

600mm x 800mm Single Panel;    Heat Output: 2749 BTU

600mm x 1000mm Single Panel;    Heat Output: 3592 BTU

600mm x 1200mm Single Panel;  Heat Output: 4016 BTU

600mm x 1500mm Single Panel; Heat Output: 5075 BTU

Double Panel:

600mm x 400mm Double Panel;    Heat Output: 2187 BTU

600mm x 570mm Double Panel;    Heat Output: 3285 BTU

600mm x 800mm Double Panel;    Heat Output: 4379 BTU

600mm x 1000mm Double Panel;    Heat Output: 6204 BTU

600mm x 1200mm Double Panel;  Heat Output: 6904 BTU

600mm x 1500mm Double Panel; Heat Output: 8763 BTU

Please select the appropriate size from the options and specify whether your desired preference is single or double panel.  Double panel radiators are particularly useful for larger rooms due to the increased heat output that they provide.  All of our radiators are compatible with all UK heating systems.  If you have any additional queries related to this product, feel free to contact us on 0116 216 66 77.

Please note, radiator valves need to be purchased separately.  Browse our heating accessories section and select your desired valve to complete the look.