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Mystic Pink Onyx Large Wall and Floor Tiles - 60x120cm


Transform your spaces into an oasis of elegance with the captivating beauty of the Mystic Onyx Pink tile from Luxury Bathrooms And Tiles. This exquisite large tile exudes opulence and sophistication, elevating your interiors with its stunning pink onyx allure.

The Mystic Pink Onyx tile embodies the mesmerizing charm of pink onyx, showcasing unique natural patterns and hues that create a sense of luxurious allure. Its large size enhances the visual impact, offering a seamless canvas of elegance for your spaces.

Feel free to request a sample today to assess how the Mystic Pink Onyx polished tile can transform the walls and floors in your home.  The Mystic range is also available in Aqua Blue.


Material: Porcelain

Thickness: 9mm

Finish: Semi Polished

Suitability: Walls and Floors

Sizes: 60x120cm

Anti Slip Rating: R9

PE1 Rating: 4