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Roma Designer Ultra Slim Rectangle Shower Tray - Multiple Sizes Available

SKU 101954
- If you are looking a shower tray that is both stylish and practical, look no further than our Roma rectangle shower tray which is available in a wide range of sizes.  Perfect for the modern bathroom, this high spec shower tray enables you to achieve that minimalist and elegant look trending with interior designers.

- Hand made in the UK from 100% natural stone resin, this a premium ultra slim shower tray that is 25mm in height and comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can bathe in peace.
- Advanced design features incorporating hidden water capture and virtual flat surface technology.  
- This ultra slim tray can be used as a genuine wetroom alternative without the associated costs and fitting challenges and is suitable for wheelchair access.

The following sizes are available:

1000x760mm; 1000x800mm; 1000x900mm; 1200x800mm; 1200x900mm; 1400x800mm; 1400x900mm; 1600x800mm; 1600x900mm; 1700x700mm; 1700x800mm and 1700x900mm.

Please select the appropriate size from the options.  Our price also includes a high flow self cleaning vortex waste with a stainless steel flush fitting waste grid.  Feel free to contact us on 0116 216 6677 if you have any questions or require any additional information from us.  


Material: Stone Resin

Type: Modern Shower Tray

Height: 25mm

Guarantee: Lifetime
Standards: Compliant with EN274 European Standard for shower flow rates