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5 Simple Ways Of Renovating An Outdated Bathroom

5 Simple Ways Of Renovating An Outdated Bathroom

If you're suffering from the bathroom blues, then it's time for a design overhaul. You may not spend much time in your bathroom, or even want to for that matter, but it is often the first room you go to when you wake up and the last before bedtime.

A well designed bathroom which is refreshingly modern can be inviting and make you love spending time in it. Renovating your bathroom suite is said to increase your property value by 3-5%. [1] 

Here are some simple but effective ways you could add glamour and luxury to your bathroom today:

1. Replace your old bathroom mirror

A tatty mirror is not flattering to look into at the best of times and whether or not you love your reflection, a brand new spanking mirror can make looking at one easier on the eyes. Like all fixtures and fittings mirrors suffer from wear and tear from bathroom moisture which causes the silver film to chip away over time causing dark spots and black edges. 

Just to add a little more luxury to the experience, we stock a selection of mirrors with heated glass so you don't have to crack open a window or frantically wipe your mirror down after showering or bathing to get rid of condensation.

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2. Add a heated towel rail

Who doesn't love the feeling of wrapping themselves in a nice warm towel after stepping out of the shower or bath? Ditch your old fashioned radiator.

Heated Towel Rails add extra heat to your bathroom which helps keep the chill out of your bathroom. They also double up as storage for your towels saving them from drying up and keeping them plush for the next use.

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3. Re-grout your tiles

Years or even months after installing tiles, mould and dirt starts to accumulate in grouting giving a black, yellowish or even orange tint in between your tiles. If you haven't had your tiles long, you may not be ready to let go just yet. Our stain resistance grouting is a perfect solution with different colours to choose from and can give your bathroom a new lease of life.

Make sure to purchase our tile adhesive too if you have any rogue tiles which have started peel away. Alternatively, you might want to just start all over again especially if you have cracked or chipped tiles, we recommend you read our guide here on the latest and trending Bathroom Tiles for more design ideas.

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4. Get a soft closing toilet

Tired of clunky toilets that slam shut? Unsightly hinges which rust and accumulate dirt? A soft closing toilet is the best upgrade option from your traditional toilet.

Easy to clean, comfortable to use and best of all, noise free! 

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5. Add Storage

Storage units are a great addition to any bathroom suite. Providing space for extra towels, cosmetics and bathing essentials that clutter up your shower floor or bath ledge.

You may also consider a vanity basin unit which are smaller and double up as a sink. 

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[1] Property Price Advice. Feb 2021. Ten of the best ways to add value to your home.

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