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Trending Bathroom Tiles in 2023

Trending Bathroom Tiles in 2023

Get creative with modern bathroom and floor tiles that add character

Tiles are a traditional fixture for many bathrooms. Our tiles come in all different sizes, patterns and finishes. Our bathroom tiles and floor tiles are modern and come in a range of neutral colours designed to suit various bathroom fittings. 


Selecting tiles based on size is an important consideration before installation. Large tiles can be less time consuming to install because you won't need as many and smaller tile sets will generally take you longer to fit. Besides the obvious, a larger tile looks more modern, whereas small tiles offer a more traditional feel to a bathroom.


When considering what tiles to select for your bathroom suite, you will want to think about the finish. Shiny tiles look great for on traditional designs, whereas matt tiles have a modern feel. Finally, you might want to use a patterned tile to accentuate your bathroom and break up the monotony of a plain tiled bathroom.

Adhesive & Grouting

Finally, once you're found the bathroom tiles best suited to your suite design, you need to get tile adhesive and grouting to match. We offer a number of different colours in each, depending on the look you want to achieve. 


How can I use tiles to style my bathroom?

There are so many approaches to decorating with tiles. Whether you prefer full coverage, a mixture of tile sets patterns or if you want a combination with painted walls and bathroom panels.

Matching your bathroom & floor tiles


A full coverage design is an excellent choice especially for shower enclosures and wet room suites. Matching tiles look flawless and make your bathroom suite look spacious. Not only does it make life easier when cleaning, but it reduces the amount of effort you need to put in for upkeep. 

ParisTuscan Gold, Tuscan Blanco, Florence, Turin, Slatia, Luxor Grey, Luxor Black, Luxor Beige, Icona, Victoria, Oxide, Diore



Create a feature wall

Using tiles to create a feature wall has an air of decadence. The Diore tile set is perfect for this. The 60 x 120 or 120 x 240 selection can be used on your bathroom walls for a centrepiece effect and the 30 x 60 or 60 x 60 used for floor tiles to complete the look.


Combine plain and patterned tiles

Similar to a feature wall, you can mix and match plain and patterned tiles for your own unique look. They can be placed horizontally or vertically depending your preference. 


Combining tiles and bathroom wall panels

If you prefer painted walls, then you may want to combine bathroom wall panels with your floor tiles. Bathroom wall panels are perfect for exposed shower units, extremely easy to clean and much quicker to install than bathroom tiles. 

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