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How to Choose the Right Type of Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom Suite

How to Choose the Right Type of Shower Enclosure for Your Bathroom Suite

Considering installing a shower enclosure?

You may be wondering if a shower enclosure is right for you and most importantly, what type of shower enclosure you should purchase for your bathroom. Here's all you need to fill you in on you everything you need to know to make your bathroom look luxurious and complement it's surroundings.

We have posed three important questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase. Read our breakdown on how to know if a shower enclosure is right for you and how to select a shower enclosure which will make the best use of your current bathroom space to give your suite the 'wow' factor.

Is there space?

Thinking about the space you have in your bathroom is absolutely paramount to whether or not you should install a shower enclosure to begin with. Another important factor is the shape of your bathroom, you want a shower enclosure which will fit snugly into your bathroom design and also maximise potential for storage. There are three main styles of shower enclosure: quadrant, offset and rectangular. Wet rooms, although not classed as an enclosure, are also an option. 

All of our products specify dimensions, so that there are no nasty surprises when you come to installation. 

How will a shower enclosure accentuate my bathroom?

Similar to space, your shower enclosure should bring out the best in your bathroom. It must utilise style and function in practical but eye-catching ways that don't clash with your chosen design.

You want your shower enclosure to accentuate the space and not encroach. Which takes us to our third and final question.

What shape will compliment my bathroom best?

1. Quadrant

Quadrant shaped enclosures are ideal for smaller bathrooms because they are designed to fit right in the corner of your suite and the most popular choice for most average sized houses. The curved edge makes it look modern and spacious. They can be fitted with sliding doors for more options to customise.

If you have a little more bathroom space you may consider an Offset Quadrant shower. This means that you can include a centralised door for your shower.

2. Square

For more spacious bathrooms, the square shower enclosure is an excellent option. They are more stylish and have a bespoke feel to them, offering more options for the types of doors and frames you can select. 

3. Rectangle

If you like room to roam, the rectangle enclosure style may be the option for you. Much like the square, there are more options to choose from in the type of doors and frames available for this style of shower.

4. Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are not enclosures, but are a popular choice for those with a contemporary home who enjoy a more open-plan look. These types of shower can be purchased with special wet room shower trays that look flawless when combined with wet room glass, bathroom tiles, bathroom wall panels and floor tiles. A wet room is also a good consideration for those with mobility problems.

5. Walk-In

If you don't have space for a wet room, then walk in showers are the next best thing and achieve an open-plan look. You will need a shower tray for installation. Again, they can be stylishly combined with wet room glass, wall tiles/panels and floor tiles.


Your shower enclosure should complement its surroundings like the choice of tiles, panels and furniture.


Shower heads are also a consideration when you choose you choose a shower enclosure. An exposed shower is appropriate for square, rectangle and quadrant shower enclosure units. Whereas, a concealed shower are more suited to the walk in showers and wet rooms to create that trending sought after minimalist look. 

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